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Faced with the threat of the new coronavirus, is it really a good idea to take the escalator and hold the handrail?

   The Guardian is a national comprehensive content daily newspaper in the UK, and is collectively referred to as the three major newspapers in the UK, together with The Times and The Daily Telegraph. In particular, I want to explain: I am not bringing up this topic here to cause panic or to attract so-called traffic. I just want to tell you that in the United Kingdom, where the new coronavirus is not serious, people have been concerned about the possible infection of escalator handrails. The topic is just to convey such a message to you. At present, various places are reworked one after another, subway traffic will gradually increase, and the use of escalators will gradually increase. How to do the daily disinfection of handrails is also hoped to attract attention from all aspects!Otis 800 escalator handrail belt ,schindler SDS escalator handrail belt 

   On public transport escalators we are requested, for safety’s sake, to hold on to the handrail. But isn’t the germ-ridden handrail – particularly with the threat of coronavirus – more of a threat to our health than the risk of taking a tumble down the steps?

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