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Corrosion of rubber elevator handrails with elevator wire

Elevator wire ropes will rust during use, reduce mechanical properties, reduce the diameter of the wire, loosen the strands, and cause brittle fracture. This break is an "avalanche" break, which is more dangerous than normal wire breakage or abrasion. Special attention should be paid to any corrosion of the wire rope during maintenance. It should be observed carefully if the rust has been severely formed or the outer wire of the strand has become loose. It should be replaced regardless of the broken wire or the diameter of the rope. "Red oil" means that the core of the rope is oil-free and the interior is rusty. Attention should be paid. If necessary, you can cut the rope head to check the internal corrosion of the wire rope. The method of preventing the corrosion of the steel wire rope is to protect the rope with oil.

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