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Elevator manufacturers handrail cleaning handrail

Elevator manufacturers handrail cleaning handrail

   The escalator or moving walkway handrail is dirty and affects the appearance, which can be handled as follows:

Dip a clean cloth in dishwashing detergent (be careful not to use dishwasher cleaners!). Then scrub the surface of the handrail vigorously. If the handrail is dirty, you can wipe it several times. Finally, clean it with a dry rag. The surface of the handrail will return to its original luster.

   Fat-dissolving agents, gasoline, and solvents containing gasoline-based solvents are forbidden, because this type of cleaner will prematurely age rubber and shorten the service life of handrails. In addition, detergents used in dishwashers or washing machines are generally more aggressive than detergents used in dishwashing and should not be used.

   The rubber handrail (black) with the above recommended cleaning agents can only be washed once a month, and should not be washed multiple times. If you use water, you can clean it as often as needed. Handrails made of synthetic materials are less susceptible to cleaning agents than rubber handrails, so they can often be scrubbed with the recommended cleaners.

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